Expect more diary posts

I think I’m FINALLY getting used to being at home all day, every day. My kalimba arrived and it’s really nice.

I don’t feel that lonely. I play games with my BFF almost every night and we also exercise and draw together. She recently got a drawing tablet. I wouldn’t be doing these three things as much if it weren’t for her, to be honest. (Everything is done virtually.)

I watch shows with my other friends. We’re also practicing the kalimba together since we ordered together. & of course, I have my family, online friends, and a few other close friends.

p.s. I have a penpal. In December 2019, I wrote a post called The Significance of the Letter. Did you know that I’ve published over 550 posts?

Iced coffee

16 thoughts on “Expect more diary posts

  1. Having pen pals is great. Sadly, I send more mail out than what I receive, but that hasn’t stopped me yet from calling it quits yet. I enjoy sending mail – it’s a hobby of mine. As for tablets, I cannot draw to save my life. I had a manga edition pen tablet which I ended up selling in the end because I seldom used it.

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      • The only thing I’m truly proud o besides a few sketches from elementary school f is a Miku Hatsune sketch that took me 6+ hours to draw. It was hand drawn and that was the moment I realized that I was meant to draw things by hand rather than try to use technology lol even then, it takes me a very long time to draw anything so I stick to origami now. 😂😅

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      • I’ve probably made 1000 paper cranes in my lifetime but I’ve given them all away so idk the exact number. I’ve been making them since I was 11!

        I recently learned how to make origami paper hearts and they are so cute. They’re great for Valentine’s Day and snail mail! ♥️

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