When You’re Close To Finishing A Show… But Don’t

I never had this “problem” before, until recently. I’ve finished some shows, but other shows… I am close to finishing them (just 2 or 3 episodes until completion) but I’ve stopped watching them. I like the shows, too. See below:

  • Gosick 22/24
  • 2Moons 9/12
  • Eternal Love of Dream 53/56
  • TharnType 9/12

& I’m trying to figure out the reason(s) for why I do this. Do you guys do this too? I have a few ideas:

1. You don’t want the series to end. You aren’t ready to let go of the characters and the series. If it never ends, you can avoid feeling the post-series “void.”

2. You are afraid of a bad ending, or a rushed job.

3. The show already gave you everything you wanted… whatever that was.

4. You lost interest in the show.

I’m sure there are more reasons. If you can think of more reasons, please let me know. I feel like none of these are exactly it for me.

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How I’m feeling

10 thoughts on “When You’re Close To Finishing A Show… But Don’t

  1. Yeah, I sat on the last couple of episodes of Gosick myself. Fate dealt a crap hand to Victorique and Kazuya, and things were getting hard to watch for those of us who cared about them. But I promise you, this is NOT one of those anime with an unsatisfying, ambiguous ending. Take the plunge–I was pleasantly surprised.

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    • That’s a reason I haven’t even considered yet… It’s true that Victorique and Kazuya went through so much time and time again. I would say it’s the same for most of the other shows I mentioned in the post. That’s probably the reason, then.

      Since you and Terranceacrow have said that the ending was worth it, then I believe in you guys! I will find the time to finish it. Thanks 🙂


  2. I do this so badly. I don’t think I’ve finished anything I’ve started this year. I think for me point one is the most likely reason, got to avoid that void! I feel like I’m ‘saving’ that last episode or two forever just so I have something to look forward to. Not like there aren’t a million other shows out there to move on to… ^^;

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