27 thoughts on “What are y’all doing?

  1. It’s optional, but you can write me a 2500 word essay detailing your top three cookie flavours and backing up your arguments with both anecdotal as well as empirical evidence when applicable.

    And if you don’t think that’s fun enough, then you could always give this song a listen:

    And if you’re feeling really blah, there’s a song for that too:

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    • Top three cookie flavours, huh? Mfw I don’t really like cookies… or pastries… or desserts… (with some exceptions).

      I listened to both songs! I like the second song more. Thanks for sharing them!

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  2. I’m still working both jobs, so I’m a little envious of those staying home. I did manage to mow my grass yesterday before the rain moved in last night, though. (P.S.–loved both the songs! That first was fun, but the second sounds like something I’d actually have in my collection–gonna look for the release.)

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