Can Rewatching A Show Make You Dislike It?

I seldom rewatch shows. I usually remember what happened. Of course, there is the entertainment factor in rewatching a show. I’m actually very hesitant about this. Why?

To tell you the truth, I’m a little worried that rewatching a show will change my perception of that show… in a negative way. I am more likely to pick at its flaws the second time around. I might come to a realization that the show wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. I have experienced this though. I’ll explain.

When I was in elementary school, I really liked the anime, Fruits Basket. I admired Tohru Honda and wanted to be like her.

In 2019, the anime got a remake. Technically, I didn’t “rewatch” the show because I watched the remake. However, the remake was true to the manga and it was well-done. When I watched it, I realized I didn’t really like Tohru Honda. I didn’t like that she didn’t ask for help when she wanted it. I didn’t like how she was always rescued by others.

Then, my perception of Fruits Basket changed.

So… Can rewatching a show make you dislike it? I think that it’s possible. I know it won’t happen every time, but do I really want to take that risk? I think I would rather be able to look back to a show with fond memories.

Do you rewatch shows? Has this ever happened to you?

14 thoughts on “Can Rewatching A Show Make You Dislike It?

  1. It’s certainly food for thought! I’ve never really been a ‘re-watcher’ aside from Studio Ghibi films which are pretty timeless in my opinion. I did re-read a lot back in the day, and I can say my perspective on characters, like you with Tohru, has changed. Things that I thought were ‘so cool and bad-ass’ when I was 13, well 20 something year old me knows they aren’t badass. But that fear of changing certain perspectives on a franchise, just might be the unnamed reason I don’t rewatch too often.

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  2. It’s funny this post just came along second scroll down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m currently rewatching the familiar of zero season one. I’ve been meaning to revisit this for ages and I liked the comedy aspect to it and main romance at the time. But rewatching the first season, I don’t like it as much the main girl is too tsundere and lashes out. Plus the fan service jokes is used too often LIKE WAYYY. Too often. I just bought first three seasons and now don’t even want to continue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my dilemma

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    • Oh my goodness… That is quite the dilemma! I’m not a big fan of tsundere either… Too much fan service is just… too much! Hahaha, thanks for sharing Lita!!


  3. I’ve never rewatched a show I once really liked and disliked it. I must be an anomaly.

    I still enjoy TV shows from 50 years ago. The quality looks terrible and the plotting is unsophisticated but I still enjoy them, at least partly due to the memory I have of enjoying them once. All I have to do is become that little boy again.

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  4. This has happened to me quite a few times with certain anime and dramas. With my #1 favorites (“The wallflower” to name one). But I also made a review on a certain chinese drama that I did enjoy at first, but after I re-watched it, I saw that there were many flaws and it turns out that it wasn’t as good as I had originally thought. So I can understand why you’d be afraid of not re-watching something. I do think that it also has something to do with our experiences in life. The “you” when you saw it for the first time, is different from the “you” when you re-watch it, especially if you decide to re-watch it maybe weeks, months, or even years after.

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  5. I generally enjoy rewatching anime, on more then one occasion it’s allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for aspects of a show that I may have overlooking upon my first viewing, but there have also been instances where I’ve rewatched something only to discover that it doesn’t hold up. One anime I rewatched and wound up coming to dislike was Saiyuki. I remember being really into it as a teen, but when I watched it again as an adult, I couldn’t help but notice how cheap the animation was and I found that I didn’t really like most of the characters anymore. I guess that’s bound to happen though, as we grow and change we aren’t going to be able to look at things the exact same way we initially did when we first saw them.

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    • Ah, thanks for sharing! Yeah, I agree – it is bound to happen. Ahh I try to avoid this sort of thing because I don’t like the disappointment. 😦 It kind of shatters whatever good memory I had of the show. I think this concept could apply to a lot of things in life…

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