Social Distancing Update

I thought I would write a little update because quite a few people have asked how I’ve been. Mostly everyone I know is staying at home.

I’ve been at home for… around 9 days now. Staying home doesn’t bother me because I’ve always preferred staying at home. I’ve always hated hot weather, the rain, the snow, exercising, waiting for the bus, loud sounds, the list goes on… Right now isn’t so different from my old life. I’m used to it.

I’ve been pretty busy finishing practicum and my course. I just need to put in one more day of work to finish my last course of my degree! I’ve also been working from home.

In my spare time, I’ve been watching anime and dramas, cosplaying, playing games on my PS Vita, drawing, listening to music, watching YouTube videos, and reading manga, webtoons and fan fiction. Not much has changed from before…

I would have liked to admire the cherry blossoms and drink bubble tea with my friends. I miss bubble tea a lot. There are more important issues in the world though.

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22 thoughts on “Social Distancing Update

  1. I’m glad you’re doing good. I was starting to stress about self-quarantine, but in the last day or so, I talked with my nephews and they helped me to gain some positive perspective which has helped a lot. I do miss taking nature photographs. It was super relaxing to me. I look forward doing that again, hopefully soon-ish. Sending happy thoughts. ❤

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    • Thank you! I was actually pretty anxious and worried about self-quarantine in the beginning. Took me a day or two to remember that I like the indoors. The only thing people talked about was the virus so staying indoors helped me calm down a lot.

      That’s good that you gained a positive perspective! I was just thinking about photography as well. I am definitely hoping to take photos of the cherry blossoms this Spring. Same, I hope it’s soon too! Sending happy thoughts your way as well. ❤

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  2. Great update! I was also someone who never minded having to be inside, but I did enjoy having the option to head out and go shopping or cafes or bubble tea lol. But obviously, it’s for the best for all of us to just stay inside for now and entertain ourselves in other ways 🙂

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