Just a heads up

When drawing Tanjiro fan art or creating Tanjiro’s earrings from Kimestu no Yaiba, please be mindful of how you draw the earrings.

I bought a Tanjiro keychain and later realized that the earrings were drawn with red lines… That’s the Rising Sun flag. It is an extremely offensive flag with a lot of history behind it (you can Google it). I’m not writing this to put anyone on blast because I believe this was an honest mistake, but please be careful.

Now in the manga, the earrings have black lines with a red outline. I do not think that the creator had bad intentions. I believe the creator went for a flower card design but it happened to look like the flag. Even with the black lines, some people may still perceive it as a racist and offensive symbol. The studio made the conscious decision to change the design and that is awesome. This is a really important topic and it should not be downplayed.

The creator of My Hero Academia received a lot of backlash from Chinese and Korean fans recently due to something similar. Some fans even burned their MHA manga. The creator said he was unaware, which kind of shows the lack of history taught in Japan’s educational system.

6 thoughts on “Just a heads up

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  2. This one’s tough, Rose. History happens, and–sadly–people get hurt. But to condemn a symbol do to its use during certain historical instances in the past is to steal it from those who revered it without any such reference. Such attitudes take on a more complicated interpretation when a symbol is hijacked for use by disreputable groups preaching hatred, another example of which (from the same time period, even) is the swastika, a religious symbol from several diverse cultures seized upon by the Nazis–now identified worldwide by its German name and held inseparable from their hateful acts. How many people revered these two symbols who had nothing at all to do with how they became identifiable to the world at large?

    Symbols exist to have meaning, and a lone voice cannot challenge the change these symbols have forcibly undergone. Even I recognize that they can never be shown in pubic again without a valid negative reaction. But just think of all those who have been stripped of the expression of a precious part of their personal belief systems due to such association. Seeing how so many folks seem to believe in the possible rehabilitation of an individual criminal perpetrator, I wonder what it might take to rehabilitate a stolen and violated symbol?

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    • I think I know know where you’re coming from. However, it is undeniable that the Japanese government continuously fails to properly acknowledge and apologize for the war crimes that were committed in ww2. Most Japanese people today are unaware of what happened or think that they were just rumours. While there were people who revered this symbol, there are also people who suffered. What it would take to rehabilitate this stolen and violated symbol- I would imagine a proper response from the Japanese government. Let people put up a “comfort woman” statue in Korea without making it into an international incident. Stop trying to hide this part of history

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  3. That is a kind of error it would be almost impossible to avoid. The best you could do is provide an advance screening to all possible audiences. (It looked like a flower to me in closeup.) But that amount of caution would be expensive.

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    • I think it’s a flower to me as well. It was the fan art on the keychain that I had an issue with. I think it was an honest mistake but it’s also why I’m writing this post, to inform people.

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