Food for thought [Legend of a Strongest Man Nakane]

Nobuyuki Fukumoto, creator of Kaiji and other series, has a spin-off manga about a man who craves for Instagram likes. It’s called Legend of a Strongest Man Nakane, a spin-off of Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa. At first, I found it hard to believe that there is a series about this topic. Instagram?? What??

Nakane’s colleague explains that he buys cakes and other cute-looking sweets just for Instagram. After the post is up, he trashes the dessert because he doesn’t like sweet foods.

This page made me think. I think this is a really good point. With so many people in the world, I understand the desire to stand out from the rest.

The counter argument. Seeking approval. Craving the spotlight. “Celebrity” wannabes. Running around like idiots. WILL YOUR WORTHLESS SELF GET SOME PEACE OF MIND?



I don’t think that posting on Instagram is that serious. Nakane and his colleague go to great lengths for likes and there are surely many users who do the same. I would believe that most users are not like this.

I frequently post on Instagram. I don’t think my intention is to “stand out” because I don’t think this is realistic for me. Maybe this is pessimistic thinking on my part, but there are so many users.

I don’t think I am looking for approval on Instagram and I don’t think I am a celebrity wannabe. Am I running around like an idiot? Maybe to some people. Will I get some peace of mind from getting likes? I wonder…

I hate this. It’s fun to take pictures and post. It’s nice to have a backlog of the good times and shared memories. Sometimes you feel more connected to others by using Instagram. At the same time, I hate it. Society feels superficial. & you know what? I will not stop using Instagram…

7 thoughts on “Food for thought [Legend of a Strongest Man Nakane]

  1. I think the number of people getting addicted to social media is going to keep rising.

    Despite being more connected than ever, people are lonelier than ever. I don’t really understand it myself, but I guess a lot of people look to social media, likes, et cetera to fill that hole that in the past would have been filled with real social interaction.

    Without the internet it used to be the norm to go out in public to kill time, but now people can just sit in their rooms on the internet. It’s neat that someone is sort of criticizing this new trend of people that put more time and energy into their internet persona than their real lives.

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    • OMG, that is so true. I agree that people are lonelier than ever. Especially with social media, most people post their best moments which creates a disconnect from reality. Oh dang… filling that hole… That is so sad. 😦 I think you make a really good point.

      Yeah, this is a unique series and i can’t wait for new chapters. Fukumoto creates a ton of thought-provoking material!

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  2. Instagram and FB and the like are people posting a highlights reel of their life. The cake is just adding an artificial highlight. Maybe he didn’t have anything to crow about but wanted to look cool anyhow.

    I think both our highlights are pretty real. And I don’t thing either of us is posting just to make people jealous.

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    • Definitely not doing anything with the intention of making people jealous. I don’t think that would give me any satisfaction at all.

      Yeah, I think we are genuine people and express ourselves in an authentic way!

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  3. I have mixed feelings about social media. It can be fun, and it’s great to be able to meet people all over the world, but when I’m having a good time I just want to enjoy the moment; I could care less about taking a pic for Instagram. I guess, like most things, whether social media is good or bad depends on how you use it.

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