Why Do I Blog?

Blogging is my hobby so I would say that I blog for myself. Sometimes I ask myself why I blog, or why I cosplay or draw. Sometimes I have thoughts like, “There will always be people who do it better than you. What impact do you make?” but I don’t think that this is a correct way of thinking. Undoubtedly, there are people who are better but there is only one of you- and no one can be better at being you. 

1. I blog because I hate boredom. I become bored very easily, did you know? 

2. Even though I say that I blog for myself, I still want my writing to impact at least one person. One person, that’s all I wish for. I believe that I have accomplished this. Should there ever be a time where absolutely no one reads my blog, I am unsure if I would keep writing. 

You could argue that the satisfaction I gain from impacting another person is still blogging for myself. 

3. I need an outlet. I spend so much time watching shows. How could I not write down my thoughts about an episode or show that left a big impression on me? 

4. My hope is that people will become interested in the things I like after reading my posts. ^^

5. Online friends and the AniBlogger community. This should be placed higher but I’m listing these in random order. I’ve been lucky enough to have met a couple of blogger friends in real life. ^^

6. I can convey how I feel through writing. When I write a blog post, I feel like I am writing a letter. 

7. It is a record. This is probably one of the most important reasons to me. 

8. “Hey! I exist!” This is also a feeling I want to convey when I update my blog. I really value all the comments, emails, and messages I receive from readers and blogger friends. 

9. I don’t want to stop writing. Sure, I write messages through social media every day. I argue that writing on the blog is different and I don’t want to lose the routines of reading or writing.  

10. I genuinely enjoy blogging.

11. Self-care.

I don’t have desires to monetize my blog or make money off of my blog. I don’t want to make a career out of this. As Lumi said before, my blog is my corner of the internet. 

15 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. “Hey, I exist!”

    That may be the most important reason of all, simply to be noticed, to remind the world of who and what you are.

    A blog without likes and comments and follows would be pretty sad.

    How much you share depends on your personal boundaries. Everyone is different. Cosplay photos are bolder visually than a lot of people would ever get. Other people get deeper into self help.

    It is all good!

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    • That’s so true, Fred. Blogging and internet lets you be known to people in other parts of the world, which is awesome.

      I think I’m okay with cosplay photos but the deeper, self-help stuff I’m a bit more private about. Anything that involves my personal friendships/relationships and work/school stuff as well. To me, my blo is a space to post my reviews, cosplays and drawings (anything I create).

      Thanks Fred!

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  2. “How could I not write down my thoughts about an episode or show that left a big impression on me? ”

    How do you know you’re a writer?

    You can’t not write.

    Looks like you’re a writer!

    “Hey! I exist!”

    You know, I really thought about that, but that’s a profoundly good point. Right now, I’m sitting in North America, and instead of watching TV playing a video games or bothering my wife while she expands her business, I read your post. Then I thought about your post. Then I responded to your post.

    My day is different because I read your post.

    Your words impacted my life’s trajectory.

    That’s almost deep… Also kinda make me want to be really careful about what I write from now on!

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    • Wow, that is quite deep if you think about it. Glad to have impacted your life’s trajectory hahaha, and what a profound way through words. Thanks Crow for stopping by and leaving a comment!!

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  3. I agree that blogging and posting on social media are different. Social media posts are equivalent to shouting at someone, whereas blogging is more like a conversation. Of course those are general statements and you can have conversations over social media. But more often than not, it seems ot be a tool used for marketing or beating people to death with one’s opinions.

    Meeting blogging friends in real life sounds cool, although nearly everyone I interact with on wordpress lives outside the US.

    Lastly, I also use the delete button a lot while writing! It’s amazing how bad my first drafts usually are…along with the second and third drafts 😛

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    • Right? I’m glad you agree that blogging and posting on social media are different! You put it nicely. 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough. xD Oh man, I use the delete button when I think I will overshare. I’ve deleted entire blog post drafts/ideas because of this as well, hahaha.

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      • Yea, oversharing on the internet is a concern, especially if you’re using your blog on your resume. Then again, readers like it when we share personal details…I guess what constitutes oversharing is up to each blogger to decide.

        I mostly use the delete button a lot because I’m perfectionistic when it comes to writing.

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