Cute things make me happy

What’s up?

It was Boxing Day and I bought two long skirts from Uniqlo (and people made fun of them… They do not get my sense of fashion!!!). XD

I also bought Emoji stickers to decorate letters for my friends. I bought three cards the other day because I thought they were cute. I guess I am prepared. XD

Among other things, I bought these magnetic bookmarks (you can open and close them). As some of you guys know, I enjoy reading in my past time. This is my first time seeing magnetic bookmarks so I had to buy them. XD

I’m currently reading a book called Breaking Murphy’s Law.


8 thoughts on “Cute things make me happy

    • I think the ideas are a little radical! I initially put the book down for several months because it said that watching TV does not bring you happiness (the title is called, Kill Your Television)!! Since I watch a ton of television and write reviews as well, I felt called out.

      Then I picked it up again and it does make some really interesting points. It’s an engaging to read with a lot of info from Psychology research studies. I do recommend the book (granted, I am still in the beginning of the book) but I also take things with a grain of salt. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much, Josh!

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