Do You Have a Memento Box?

I was watching episode 18 of Gosick and the characters looked inside the contents of a memento box/keepsake box/memory box. I thought this was interesting because I’ve been collecting things that are precious to me in a box (even though I did not know that memento boxes were an actual thing). I started collecting things from age 13 and upwards.

Obviously the contents are personal so I won’t be taking pictures, but I can share what some of the things are:

  • polaroid picture with a couple of my closest friends
  • movie ticket
  • Purikura pictures
  • concert ticket
  • my draft for a letter
  • broken cat charm
  • ornament
  • wrapping paper
  • a letter to myself
  • birthday cards
  • goodbye letter
  • encouraging words from a friend

Kind of random, right? Now, I’ve been to many movies but I’ve only kept a single movie ticket. I’ve also only kept a select few letters and cards in my box (the rest are in the basement). Why these items in particular, I am not completely sure but it’s important to me that they are in my box. They are items that are unique to my life and I can associate them with good or bittersweet memories.

Do you have a memento box or something similar? Please let me know, I am interested to hear. πŸ™‚

P.S. Merry Christmas!!!

12 thoughts on “Do You Have a Memento Box?

  1. I actually have my own memento box as well, but it’s more of a memento bag. It’s this really old design bag filled with everything important to me since I had from my childhood up till today. Stuff like a deck of Duel Masters cards, old currency, old gifts by my grandparents, a really, really old camera, some pictures and even a paper of the letters to a language me and my cousins made up when we were much younger haha. There’s a lot more miscellaneous stuff that only have meaning to me that I didn’t mention as well. I’m still filling it up to this day, with things that I find are really cool and that were really important to me at some point of my life.

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  2. My parents threw out a lot of sentimental things that were important to me so I’m quite upset about it. I do keep a mementos box which is actually three plastic drawers. Inside are photos that I can’t display since there’s not enough room for them right now, letters, and envelopes with addresses on them which I plan on adding to a digital file for safe keeping. I also have random miscellaneous items such as DIY flower barrettes from my wedding, memory sticks, and cards that I’ve kept.

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      • Yeah, I found out about it yesterday. Like they weren’t even going to tell me. It makes me wonder what they are going to do with my other stuff.

        If anything can be transferred digitally, do it. It really cuts down on paper clutter. I have an excel spreadsheet which I use for phone numbers but Google online sharing-apps work just as well.

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    • Hahaha! It is similar to Heaven’s Memo Pad, if you’ve seen that. I am enjoying it. It’s about Victorique (pictured) and Kazuya and they solve mysteries together. Victorique is genius at solving mysteries. It takes place in a fictional European country with Victorian era vibes… pretty interesting!

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  3. Points off for not having a photo of the INSIDE of the box, or at least a photo of all items dumped out (and secretly, selectively sorted) in a pile.

    I wanted to make a computer wallpaper/background of Rose’s mementos

    : (


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