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Let’s be real here – there are a lot more interactions on Instagram. Instagram is more convenient to use and more people go on it. Research shows that people generally have shorter attention spans now.

I still see the value of blogs but newer platforms do have their pros as well. I don’t necessarily like that, but I’ll continue to use both Instagram and WordPress. As times change, we also need to adapt.

For those who genuinely enjoy visiting my blog, don’t worry. I’ve done this since I was 16 and I will continue to blog until I can no longer type. In my experience with WordPress, it used to be such a lively place. Y’all are all such lovely folks and I enjoy talking to you guys so much. It is a little sad to see that it is not the same as it once was (for reference, 60 people liking my posts and 30 comments on more ‘successful’ posts). Ultimately, I blog for myself. My blog is a space where I can express my thoughts, feelings, love of anime and cosplay. It is my diary and safe space.

12 thoughts on “dead blog

  1. I totally get how blogging is your safe space! It’s something similar to me as well. I do also get what you mean how wordpress range is limited. I try to do a lot yet growth is a lot more work here than on a facebook or instagram. To me there is a difference though. Instagram , Facebook and Twitter feels like ‘loaned’ space.My tweets belong to twitter , my pics belong to instagram and my likes are owned by facebook in a sense. People follow my blog because they see me as a part of their community.. or because they want to show me something. I follow people on twitter .. just because. So while I get why you feel wordpress is dead I do feel likes and comments are way more earned. The social media ones .. have kind of become more protocol.. like saying good day to people in the street (I’m Dutch.. it’s normal here to greet passerby’s)

    That’s a cute skirt by the way, love the top thingy as well. The shoes…look comfy.

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    • The loaned space thing is absolutely correct. You’re also right about WordPress likes & comments being earned more. I think I was moreso comparing my experience with WordPress now versus in my prime years of 2017 and 2018. I am convinced that I won’t be able to go back to what it was in those years. Maybe there were more people active during that time, or maybe because I put in more effort during that time.

      I do get what you’re saying and I guess it might be an unfair comparison to compare WordPress with social media platforms. At the same time, I think that was also a point I was trying to hit across. Exactly because it is a shared space, Instagram is easier to get interactions. At the same time, people probably only look at your post for a second so there’s that trade-off.

      Hahaha, the shoes are actually slippers! They are pretty big on me and yes, they are comfy for sure. Thanks! Thank you for dropping by as well. ❤

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  2. Blogging feels a lot more, idk, Intimate?

    Instagram, twitter and the like always feel like you’re in a crowd of people and shouting at everybody else. Blogs, for sure, may have fewer people, but I can actually say that this blog is MY corner of the internet.

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  3. I’d like to second Pinkie’s comment on loaned spaces. You own this blog; you can do what you want with it however you want to do it. With the social media platforms, you’re the product, not the customer.

    I’ve seen businesses who didn’t understand go completely under when Facebook changed their reach or decided to delete their page or group.

    Lumi’s observation about shouting applies too — I much prefer the more cordial environments like this blog.

    “for reference, 60 people liking my posts and 30 comments on more ‘successful’ posts”

    Thanks for sharing that statistic. I’ll be interested to see where it goes in the next 5 or 10 years as the social media platforms try to increase the ways to monetize traffic.

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    • I am curious about that too… The 60 people liking my posts and 30 comments was referring to WordPress – Instagram posts generally generate 50-100 likes while WP now is under 20 likes.

      Oh well, it’s not a competition of likes or comments. I think that the fact that my blog is my corner of the Internet (as Lumi said) is special and that’s something that social media could not replicate.

      I really like Pinkie’s comment on loaned spaces as well. Thanks for reading! This is a pretty interesting topic, haha.

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  4. I could not possibly express what I want within twitter or Instagram – even if I didn’t get booted by the Instagram censor bot.

    I have twice the number of people following as I did, say a year ago. Yet the number of likes and comments average out the same. It may be the same thing you are experiencing. I’m thinking that a lot of people are still technically following per WP stats but as fast as I’m gaining new followers old ones are going inactive.

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    • I think I could express what I wanted to on Instagram but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense because I don’t think many people take the time to read everything. It’s more suitable for shorter captions in my opinion.

      Yeah, I don’t think it is just happening to me. That might be it. I think some older bloggers/followers are inactive but my views are still fairly good.

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  5. I see your point; people use Instagram a whole lot more since it’s a easily accessible mobile application I think using both is fine a blog gives you more space to post more content on one page such as videos, pictures and ofc text what are your thoughts on Twitter will you be coming back to twitter ?

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    • Yeah, you make very good points Joseph. I agree with you. I don’t have plans on returning to Twitter. I’ve done it a few times but felt like it was a toxic environment every time. I’m still working on cutting down my social media time. I feel like my personality is not suited to spend a long time on social media so I’m working on cutting down Facebook and messenger now.

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