How Spending Less Time on Social Media Has Benefitted Me

I’ve deactivated my Twitter account and go on certain social media platforms significantly less now. I have set a time limit on other platforms, such as Instagram. Why?

Firstly, it’s not realistic for me to chat with people online 24-7 every single day. I have sh!t to do! I am busy. Secondly, it does not fit my personality as I am someone who feels energized when I do my hobbies. Talking to people for prolonged periods of time and going outside very frequently feels draining. It’s extremely important to me that I do not lose sight of myself and that I remain true to myself.

Some social media platforms are pretty toxic. I don’t want to be like No Face from Spirited Away and be influenced/changed by the toxic space. I’ve blogged about the topic of toxicity in environment in this post.

Now that I’ve been using social media less, I can put out more blog posts! I can stay on top of my work tasks and do other things like house work LOL. I can spend more time with family and be more present in the moment.

26 thoughts on “How Spending Less Time on Social Media Has Benefitted Me

  1. Alll I can say is: good for you. I’m not a really active person on social media either (well, not counting blogging of course lol), but other than that I’m also not a person that spends huge amounts of time on twitter, facebook or things like that 😊

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    • Thanks Michel! I feel like everyone is different – some people feel energized through social media and others don’t. But I think a lot of people are somewhere in between. It’s all about finding what works for us!

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  2. I totally support what you’re doing; I’ve been spending much less time on social media too. I hardly go on Twitter anymore, because it’s toxic, and I don’t have time for Instagram; I’m even cutting way back on my blog. It’s much better to focus on “real” life, and the people and activities that you can engage with in-person.

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  3. I’m a fairly active person online and I like to be. It’s taken me a long time to find the right balance, I do wish sometimes of just having this blog only but having my channel and podcast is equally important now haha. I make it work to balance it all. Because I have my small doses of social media on a daily basis good for you rose taking a healthy step forward for yourself.

    Sadly my blog has been on the back burner and hoping these next 6 months to really build it up.

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    • That’s great, Lita! I’m glad you have that good, healthy balance. πŸ™‚ Thanks. πŸ™‚

      I also hope the next 6 months will be the opportunity for you to build it up, as you said. ^^

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  4. same, same. social media is so different now compare back to the days where you can only see posts of a cup of coffee and a book or a simple selfie. now it became more toxic i even deactivated my facebook but made a new one for personal uses. but the only thing that makes me active there is the memes. i live for the memes lol plus, social media detox is really healthy once in a while πŸ‘

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  5. I remember when I took a break, it made me feel SO good in my own skin and brain, and I had significantly fewer low days. I kept my twitter as a way to network for my blog and keep in touch for OWLs and other projects. But it has a way of sucking me back into it. Instagram I’m less attached to. I sign on when I have a spare minute or so, share some book photos as purely a creative outlet and then log off after answering messages if I have any. I spend maybe ten minutes at most on IG in a day, where twitter takes up so much of my time! I need to find a way to set aside a limited number of minutes to check social media and once those minutes are tapped out, i stay away. I think that may be a good start. Being disciplined used to be so much easier for me, but this year has been hell and has messed with all of my discipline-ness. I’m glad you’re benefiting so much from your time away! Teach me your ways haha.

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    • Twitter really does have a way of sucking you back in. I hope I don’t return because the same things happen every time (toxicity, arguing over anime drama, etc.). For Instagram, it’s a feature in the app. It tells you when you’ve been on it for x amount of time which is really helpful because I lose track of time pretty easily. I wish you the best of luck!!! Although, I confess that I’ve been napping a lot more since my social media breaks. πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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      • Hey naps are awesome. I could definitely use more naps haha.

        Yeah, I learned some devastating news today about things happening in the country I’m living in and I think it’s time for me to take that Twitter break. Seeing it everywhere and seeing everyone argue about how treating humans this way is “right” and “important” is so depressing, since I’m the sort of humans they no problem doing these things to. It’s just a mess. One I need to steer clear of!

        I had no idea IG told you how much time you spent on it!! That’s actually kinda amazing. I’ll have to go looking for it.

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      • Yeah, a Twitter break sounds good. Hopefully things become better on Twitter.

        Let me know if you need help finding it on Instagram! It’s very useful. πŸ™‚


  6. The No Face analogy is quite appropriate! As someone who spends almost zero time on social media, I’m amazed how little it takes before I come across someone/something that bothers me. Taking a step back focusing your time on things that actually fulfill you is a great idea.

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  7. This is a really awesome and healthy thing to do and is something that I think I’m going to try! Social media can be a real downer at times and as you say can be toxic so it’s awesome that you can finally get away from it and focus on the important stuff πŸ˜„

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