Beautiful Hydrangeas

What’s up, people?!

I’ve wanted a DSLR since I was around 17 when I started blogging and I finally bought one! I’m 22 years old now, and I guess I kind of forgot I wanted one until now…

These are the first photos I took with my Canon EOS 600D. These photos don’t have filters or anything. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers. I fell in love with them after watching After the Rain.

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Hydrangeas

  1. DSLRs take such lovely photos. I’ve been impressed how much phone cameras are catching up with them in terms of quality these days… but there’s still a hard-to-define quality and sharpness about DSLR photos that I’m sure will always be distinct from pure digital pictures.

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    • I agree with you! My current phone camera quality is pretty bad, which motivated me to get a camera! Also, it’s something I’ve wanted for many years so I’m happy that I can finally experiment with it. ^_^


  2. Took a while for the pictures to load for me, so I guess that means they are high quality right? I’ve never actually seen a hydrangea before, so thanks for that! I like how round they look.

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    • Haha, yeah I’ve encountered that when I read photography blog posts. No problem, Yomu! I hope you get to see them in person one day. I also love how round they look and their colours, most of all. I like cool colours (especially because blue is my favourite colour) and I like how some of them have a mixture of purples and blues.

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