Finding Inspiration in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

Synopsis: Tanjirou’s family is massacred by a demon and his surviving sibling Nezuko is turned into a demon. In his journey to avenge his family and turn Nezuko back into a human, Tanjirou trains to become a demon slayer.


I find Tanjirou’s journey very inspiring. His training to become a demon slayer was intense – he trained for over a year, every day in dangerous conditions. He failed many times, but never gave up. He didn’t have to become a demon slayer. He could have given up but he persevered.

In the end, he passed the test and became a demon slayer. He became so OP! It was an exciting moment in the anime for both him and me as the viewer. I felt very proud and at the same time, inspired by his achievements.

Real life struggles and challenges may not pale in comparison to Tanjirou’s struggles, but the journey of working hard to achieve a goal is similar. Whether it’s obtaining good grades in school, getting accepted into your desired program, finding a good job, finding successes in blogging, or obtaining a driver’s license, these are all valid and wonderful goals.


Td;lr Tanjirou’s progress and successes in him obtaining his sword after thousands of hours of training was inspiring. I feel that I can accomplish the goals I’ve set to achieve in my own life.

I know this is a corny post, guys. I really do. But anime characters are inspiring, dammit. When people say that “it’s just a cartoon” that’s when they fail to see the impact that a “cartoon” show can have on another person’s life.


11 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

  1. I’ve been saving the last few episodes for a binge as well. I don’t think it’s corny. Anime has been inspiring me to keep going in life and doing things I love or pursue passions that are really difficult for many years. It’s why I love anime/manga so much. Sending you best wishes, Rose. β™₯

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  3. Oh my days Rose, Kimetsu no Yaiba is absolutely amazing, I bought volume one at London MCM Comicon 2019 this year and I’m watching this, Tanjiro is a great character with awesome water / Sword powers and Nezuko is pretty badass too the story is inspiring indeed a brother and sister working together for the greater good and the visuals, opening and art and animation it’s awesome

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