I’ve been busy

I’m watching seven shows from this season so… the Spring 2019 Anime First Impressions post will be up within the next few days. Sorry for the delay.


I’ve been busy these past few weeks. I’ve been studying for finals and working on final assignments for uni. The thing is, I’ve been working four days a week and went to practicum two days a week. I also interviewed for a research assistant job. It’s kind of tiring to write papers after an eight-hour work day…

The good news? I finished my practicum hours yesterday and I got the job I interviewed for. Now I have two jobs. I still have a final exam and an assignment to finish, but I’m excited for future cosplays and blog posts. I have a list of cosplays and blog posts I want to write.



Listening to: 毛不易 – 消愁

27 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. Congratulations on getting the job! You definitely sound like you’ve been busy! I tend to enjoy being busy because it makes me feel like I’m being productive, whether I’m busy with work or with friends/family. Wishing you the best on your finals, Rose! ♥

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    • Being busy can be super stressful sometimes but it can be enjoyable, like you said! I don’t have the time to dwell on things and be sad. One of my favourite quotes is by Sherlock Holmes and he said, “Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson.” I agree with this quote so much.

      Thank you Neha!!

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  2. ✨ Congratulations on your job! I use to be a research assistant as well!! it only lasted the summer but it was a great job.
    but don’t overcrowd your plate! I remember when I was an undergrad working full time and managing all my classes and barely sleeping.

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    • I used to be a research assistant for 2.5 years! But that was a volunteer position. This one is paid, which is really nice. Thanks Joseph! Yes, you’re right. I enjoy being productive and busy though but I’ll be sure to take care of myself!


    • I’m done my exams! But summer school starts next week and I’ve been working every single day… :/ It’s preventing me from blogging as much but I hope to be active with blogging again.

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      • Wow summer classes begin next week? That’s definitely going to keep you busy but it’s worth it. Focus on getting assignments done first and then use your free time to blog. You can do it! 😉

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