Fruits Basket (2019): First Episode Impressions

As someone who watched the Fruits Basket (2001) anime and read the manga when I was in grade five, this reboot brings me a lot of joy. Fruits Basket was easily one of my top 5 anime. The 2001 anime didn’t cover the entire story, which is why this new adaptation is so special to me. Not only does it cover the rest of the story, it also starts from the beginning. Most of the voice actors that voiced the English dub in the 2001 anime have returned to voice their respective characters in the 2019 adaptation. You can read my review on the Fruits Basket (2001) anime in this post.


Synopsis: Tohru Honda’s father passed away when she was young and her mother passed away in a traffic accident. With no family members to take her in, she lives by herself in a tent.

Yuki and Shigure Sohma discover that Tohru is living in a tent and offer her a room in their residence in exchange for meals and cleaning. On the day she moves in, a boy named Kyo Sohma barges in the house and wants to battle Yuki. Attempting to stop the fight, she discovers the Sohma family secret. The 13 members of the family turn into a zodiac animal when hugged by the opposite sex! Yuki turns into a rat, Shigure turns into a dog and Kyo turns into a cat.


Fruits Basket is a really sweet anime. The first thing that stood out to me about this reboot was the art. It’s gorgeous! Natsuki Takaya, the creator of Fruits Basket, had creative control in this anime. She is the Executive Supervisor, so you’ll know that this reboot will stay true to the original manga.

The first episode was stunning to look at and I enjoyed watching the first episode a lot. I’m so excited to watch the rest of this series!

15 thoughts on “Fruits Basket (2019): First Episode Impressions

  1. The hype scared me a bit so I didn’t plan on watching this (now. I prefer to watch popular stuff when the hype is gone and I have no relationship to FB from before so it’s not that special to me. If it had been then I would probably been all over it) but I happened upon it on Wakanim (Crunchy equivalent here) and I was bored so I though why not and I don’t regret it. It’s absolutely stunning and so far it has been awesome.

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    • I felt that way about hyped shows with My Hero Academia! I waited until season 3 was completed until I finished it. Now that I don’t have Twitter, I rarely hear news about hyped shows. So that helped too.

      I’m really glad you liked Fruits Basket! It really is stunning and I agree, very awesome!


  2. The remake was wonderfully beautiful to watch! I’m so excited for it, as are many people. I feel like this new, updated and more true-to-the-manga version will be so nostalgic and wonderful to watch. πŸ™‚ I’m glad that you liked the first episode!

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    • Yeah! I rarely rewatch shows if I know the storyline but part of the reason for watching this one is the nostalgia! I’m really excited to see how they will cover the chapters near the end.

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  3. I’m so excited for this series as well, it was one of the first full series I watched back in the day so the nostalgia is strong! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the old art style but this one I love, can’t wait to see where they take the story ^_^

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    • I’m watching 7 this season! I’ll mostly likely drop some along the way. Fruits Basket is definitely the show I look forward to the most. I’ll write a First Impressions post soon for this season’s anime. Maybe that will help.

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