These things spark joy


Ace Attorney on Nintendo DS



Haruki Murakami’s Men Without Women – Review coming soon.


I find several four leaf clovers every year.

27 thoughts on “These things spark joy

    • It’s been a hobby of mine to find four leaf clovers. I used to look for them during recess when I was in grades 1 and 2. Now I just happen to see them when I walk on the sidewalks and pick them up. XD

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    • No, it’s not a spoiler. It says “die” but I originally posted this on my IG and I’ve been told before to be careful of what I post and stuff so I censored it in case it was triggering.

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      • LOL! I obviously haven’t heard those warnings. If I let concerns like that affect me I’d have to delete half my blog posts.

        “Roll over and die” as synonymous with “quit without putting in any effort” has been a common phrase in the English language for a long time. Don’t know when it originated but I am certain it is well over a century old.

        If the graphic represents something that sparks joy in you, then be the authentic you. Don’t be something someone else suggested you be.

        If someone was triggered by merely seeing the word “die” that wasn’t directed at them and not meant in any literal way, they’d be triggered so often as to never read anything. The Insta bots will never find it since it isn’t text.

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      • You make a really good point, Fred! I do think that I should try to be more assertive in the way I represent myself. After all, being authentic is something I value.


      • Haha, yeah. But I meant it in a way that it’s surpsing these kind of things on Instagram could possibly get your post removed ^^ Your friends certainly have some knowledge over this topic LOOOOL

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      • The late comedian George Carlin made an observation about violence in movies, TV, etc..
        He had a bit where he replaced the word “Kill” with the word “F**k” in famous scenes to see if it somehow changed the meaning.

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    • Thank you so much! After I started appreciating the little things in life, life just became much happier! I had to change my perspective on the things that already exist, if that makes sense. πŸ™‚

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  1. I think it’s wonderful to celebrate the things that bring us joy, no matter how insignificant they may seem. I loved this. β™₯ Is it okay if I do a similar post within the next few days?

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