Leaving Twitter

In August 2018, I wrote a post about my feelings towards Twitter and how much I hated it. It took a while, but I’m done with Twitter!

Reasons #3, 5 and 8 (unpleasant interactions, people complaining, and negative news) became the norm on my feed. Did I really want to open an app just to feel worse about people and the world?Β 

A note: 3-4 people would reach out to me regularly and ask if I was alright. I was actually puzzled about what made them concerned, but it’s because my tweets were negative. To me that is normal because I am a pessimist…. I mostly update my blog when I am in a good mood and/or if I have the energy to sit down and write. Twitter, on the other hand, is quick and easy. I can tweet something wherever I am, any time of the day because it only takes a few seconds to send out a tweet. Leaving Twitter would remove a platform for me to be negative and cynical, which is probably the best for me and others so they don’t have to worry.

Removing myself from that toxic environment will probably lift my mood in the long-term, and I’ll have some free time cleared up.

38 thoughts on “Leaving Twitter

  1. Twitter is a violation of the principle that one should choose one’s words with care for someday one might have to eat them. From what I’ve seen, there is no concern for the effects of saying intentionally hurtful things. My solution was to severely limit those who I follow. I rarely post anything there except an automatic posting of my blog entry.

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  2. I stopped being active on Twitter a few weeks ago, deleted the app off my phone and everything. Even though I’ve been going through other stuff, not having that extra place to see and hear about so many negative and harmful things has been a huge relief. It’s also saved me lots of time to do other things as well. My account is still up since I automatically share blog posts on there, but I will probably delete it in the coming months as well. It’s been the best choice for self-care. I’m glad that you decided to stop doing/interacting with something that makes you feel negatively. I hope we can still chat around the blogging community and then on Instagram if you’re still keeping that. Wishing you lots of joy, Rose. β™₯

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  3. I hope leaving Twitter will be good in your health. Twitter can be toxic but I still stay because I have people I still talk to. Whatever you do, I won’t stop you. Feel free to do whatever you want. At least we can chat hear in a more friendly environment. πŸ™‚

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  4. Twitter can be so toxic and I totally get why you have decide to remove from your life. The amount of times I have logged on only to find myself depressed afterwards is too many to count. I like to try and surround myself with positive and funny posts and good friends on there although negativity does creep in a lot! You gotta do what is best for you and at least I can still chat to you and keep up to date with you on here and instagram! I hope by leaving it does some real good for you! πŸ™‚

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  5. I found that I was getting so frustrated every time I went on Facebook, so I decided to cull most of the pages I followed. It wasn’t necessarily their posts but the comments of others. I’m now finding the same thing on Twitter. At least twitter has the ability to mute certain words so you can block out a lot of the noise. I agree the lack of accountability is unbelievable. People will say anything they want and show no remorse when called on it. I tend to know which tweets will have the worst comments and mostly avoid them now. I’ve definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend on there too.

    At least with your own site, you have more control over what happens there.

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    • Yes! Yeah it’s the comments that are really bad, especially when there’s indirect tweeting or directed attacks/arguments. I’ve only quit a short while ago but I’m happy with my decision to leave Twitter. I don’t miss it! That’s what I like about WordPress. πŸ™‚ There really is a huge difference here.

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    • I’m down to following about five groups on FB. There’s a spider group, a snake group, a couple outdoor groups and a nudie group
      I rarely check “friends” other then close family.

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  6. I, too, have stepped back from Twitter aside from scheduled tweets and automatic shares of my articles and videos. (I recommend a combination of Buffer and IFTTT if you want to follow suit!) I deleted the app from my phone, logged out on all my computers and have even taken to leaving my phone in my car while I’m at work; more broadly even beyond social media I’ve come to resent the “hold” over my life that stupid black slab has had.

    I feel much better. There are people I miss interacting with, but if they really care they know where else to find me. I much prefer the company of all you fine people here in the WordPress comments section! I have remained mercifully troll-free for the most part… there was one guy a year or two back, but I managed to successfully scare him off, which was satisfying.

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  7. It’s tough, isn’t it? Someone in my family quit Facebook for the same reasons you cited, and you know what?

    They are absolutely happier now!

    To be honest, I’m glad you’re still blogging, because I’ll miss your Tweets!

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