To breathe well is all I want

I feel like I’m being overly dramatic about this, but seasonal allergies + dust allergies + being sensitive to perfumes and foods with strong smells are a form of suffering. I don’t expect most people to understand, but my nose is blocked. My lips are dry. My eyes are swollen and itchy. My complexion is bad, I look like poop. That’s not the extent of it. A filter is applied here.


Tbh, I’m not sure if mouth masks help


It’s the same gif I used in June 2017 when I complained about allergies then.

26 thoughts on “To breathe well is all I want

  1. Oh man, I’ve been experiencing all of that! Started about a week ago, and I know it will continue to last until the end of Summer for me, even with medication. It sucks royally. I hope you are able to find some relief from it. Ice cold green tea bags, after I’ve used them, really helps keep the swelling and itchiness down around my eyes when it gets super bad.

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