Don’t Quit

What’s up? Life is hard AF sometimes but we have to keep going!

Have I ever said that I love hot pot? I ate spicy hot pot at home yesterday with my family and it was so good!


19 thoughts on “Don’t Quit

  1. I haven’t been too impressed with any of that hot pot I’ve had in the past. in my opinion the best part of Hot pot is the communal interaction . everyone’s having fun putting in those mushroom stocks chicken slices fish balls and everyone’s drinking fun times.
    raclette grills are more my style
    I’ll slice a whole bunch of sausages beef veggies bring out a few eggs different kinds of cheeses and some dipping sauces.
    Then you can place the raclette oven on the dinner table and everyone can cook what they like , in the comfort of their own home.
    Life is definitely full of hardships which I think is why it’s important to have friends and family are there to support you through the hard times.

    BtwπŸ€”, are you still not drinking bubble tea?

    if you ever see sesame grain on the menu TRY IT. I had a hot sesame grain with bobba and grass jelly and it was hevenly.

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    • I definitely agree with you on the communal aspect of hot pot. It’s really wonderful how food can bring people together like that.

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried foods over raclette grills before… I Googled the pictures and it looks really good.

      I am still drinking bubble tea! In fact, I’ve been drinking it a lot lately LOL! I wrote before that I prefer smoothies over bubble tea because smoothies are healthier (especially if you make it at home) but I can’t give up bubble tea.

      Ohh, that does sound super good. I’ll have to ask places if they have it! Thanks for the recommendation, Joseph.

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  2. Comment on Music Video:
    I think she is going to need to get that boiler repaired, it sounds like there is a problem.

    Just kidding.
    (imitating “The Simpsons” Krusty The Clown)
    I kid … I kid … because I love …Oy.


    • Yes!!!!!! xx

      The black cubes are grass jelly! They’re not actually made of grass though. That’s just the name of it. Grass jelly is made from the Platostoma palustre plant and it’s my favourite topping in bubble tea and desserts! I love it a lot.

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  3. Hey Rose how are you doing, this is a great article hot pot sounds delicous, is that a way of cooking Chinese food with an assortment of different foods also the desserts look tasty is that milk with jelly ? and mochi ice cream also the song you posted is awesome I’ve never heard it before but it’s a nice song also don’t quit is an awesome title and so motivational

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    • I’m doing well. Hot pot is where you have a pot of boiling soup and you let meat and vegetables to cook for a short time (like a few minutes). Then you take it out and eat, and repeat. My dessert was shaved ice, not too sure about the other ones. I’m glad you like the song!! Thank you for liking the title! πŸ˜€

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