Not All Anime Are For Children

A lot of you have read my post, Rant: Anime Characters Do Not All Look the Same. This time, I have another rant: Not all anime are for children. Honestly, this is obvious but there are still some people out there who don’t get it.

I was one of those ten year olds that watched anime rated 16+. That’s why I think children can watch shows like Death Note and Attack on Titan. These three shows are actually intense. I could name more, but that would imply that I watched them. Hahaha.



Goblin SlayerΒ 


The first episode of Goblin Slayer was not appropriate for children, but the rest of the episodes were mild in comparison.

Happy Sugar LifeΒ 


Happy Sugar Life looks cute, but the episode 1 turns dark at the end.

What was the point of this post? Clearly I don’t spend my limited free time socializing. Maybe you will watch these shows. I hope you’re not a child.

17 thoughts on “Not All Anime Are For Children

  1. I love the concept of Gantz after watching Gantz-O on Netflix. The film itself was okay but the concept made me intrigued enough to read the manga. Sadly it’s insanely hard to find the first volume without spending exorbitant amounts of money 😝

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  2. If I have concerns about an anime’s appropriateness for children, I specifically notate that in my review. And I’ve done it a number of times, actually. . .

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  3. Took my wife to see Perfect Blue a while back. I blogged about it at the time. She was very upset at the sexual assault scenes. This anime had been promoted as one of the G-Kids series, an anime project aimed at bringing young people’s anime to US theaters. G-kids got its name from distributing Studio Ghibli works targeted at children but expanded to other works.

    Perfect Blue is a great anime but NOT an anime for kids.

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