I now own volumes 2 to 14 of One Piece!

hello hello


A couple of people have asked me if I own the first volume. I don’t, because someone bought it before I did. I bought these 13 volumes for $1 each at a book sale! They are brand new and they have shiny covers!


This post reminds me of an older blog post of mine.

38 thoughts on “I now own volumes 2 to 14 of One Piece!

  1. The city library has an annual book sale their not new and they have a library stickers on the books but everything is 1$! A yearly paradise for Manga and books!
    YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! Not everyone can get away with cat ears and whiskers without looking like a weeaboo. I certainly can’t

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  2. Sweet, my brother has this special bundle that came with the first volumes that cover two whole arcs i believe (barborassas treasure and… something else, i don’t read OP), a poster anddddd a bunch of other goodies :p I’ve only read volume and used to watch the old epiosdes of the anime

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      • Yep, they used to air it on Spacetoon which was where I used to watch it (also a bunch of Naruto episodes too. Oh, and Yugioh.) Man I miss Spacetoon :pp

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      • I remember that too but it was YTV in my area. Yup, those shows and Zatch Bell, Gundam, Inuyasha, Death Note and more. Now the channel doesn’t air those shows or anime except maybe Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh πŸ˜•


      • Oooh, Inuyasha! I love that show, even though I’ve only seen like 2 episodes or something, lol…
        Pokemon is cool, but the older seasons were funnier

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      • Me too, but the XY and BW anime were so awesome! Totally the franchise’s pinnacle!
        (But you gotta agree that one episode where Brock and Misty came back in SM was a great episode, and when Kukui proposed to his wife… ;_______;)

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