Travel Diary: Parliament & Butchart Gardens of Victoria

I went to Victoria, BC again. Last time I went to Craigdarroch Castle, Chinatown and Miniature Museum. This time I went to the Parliament Buildings (only outside) and Butchart Gardens.


on the ferry

The Parliament Buildings are really big.


close-up of the Parliament

The Butchart Gardens are quite big as well. I took photos of my favourite flowers. I must have missed the lilies because I don’t think I saw them…



taken at the rose garden


pretty restaurant


Phone camera pictures:



The gardens are definitely my favourite place in Victoria.

Victoria Part 1 – Craigdarroch Castle/Chinatown/Ferry [HERE]

Victoria Part 2 – Miniature Museum [HERE]

18 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Parliament & Butchart Gardens of Victoria

  1. I think I have said this about a 1000 times now: but,that’s why I love your blog so much: You have so many cool posts, about such an incredible range of topics! You never know what will be next. Thanks for sharing these, and the totally amazing pictures 😊😊

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