Ita Bag

Ita bags are bags that have a transparent cover. They are great because every bag is different and personalized, depending on how you decorate it. Some people cover the bag with their husbando or waifu, while other people have themes like pastel colours. The rest of us just decorate it however we want!

I love ita bags because you won’t have the problem of losing pins or keychains, provided that they are inside the bag. There are different styles and sizes of ita bags. I decided to get a bigger one because I can fit my cosplays in there. I usually change into cosplay at conventions or photo locations. Plus, I have a bigger space to decorate. Safety pins are great for holding keychains and other things in place.


How it works – there are two zippers.


This one came with a band to hang keychains.

My ita bag will always be a work in progress, but here is how it looks as of right now:


Since I got a bigger bag that I initially planned, I decided to include a variety of anime and other things. A lot of people decorate their ita bags with fake flowers. I decorated mine with an egg. I also have my Death Note and feather pen in there. They’re cosplay props, hahaha. You can see that I didn’t limit myself to only pins and keychains. You can do basically anything you want, and that’s what makes it a fun and creative DIY project. Small plushies are also popular.

If you’re curious about the things on my ita bag, they are:

  • sunny side up egg – originally a hair clip
  • Death Note – cosplay prop
  • feather pen – cosplay prop
  • Ryuk keychain (from Death Note) – originally a necklace
  • Rem keychain (from Death Note) – originally a necklace
  • Misa Amane keychain (from Death Note) – originally a necklace
  • Durarara!! button
  • Celty button (from Durarara!!)
  • Simon button (from Durarara!!)
  • Izaya button (from Durarara!!) x2
  • Mikasa button (from Attack on Titan)
  • Lelouch button (from Code Geass)
  • Dazai keychain (from Bungou Stray Dogs)

This is my third bag with anime accessories.

16 thoughts on “Ita Bag

    • Wow, three! I only have one (so far). The rest of my bags have just a few buttons/one keychain.

      It is definitely a challenge to maintain three or more ita bags if you have cosplay hobbies at the same time. Cosplaying is already expensive. T_T Still, props to you and your commitments to your fandoms!!!


      • I wish I could rock an ita backpack , but I don’t think I could wear a One piece, mushing shi, Natsume ujinchou, ita bag without losing my gravitas and credibility at the lab.They would probably think Im showing a lack of proper professionalism.
        Plus What if I’m at a bookstore picking out a book to read like say hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and I bump into some girl and we hit it off and right before I ask for her number she catches a glimpse of my backpack and does a full 360 and bolts for the door. 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOOOOOL. I’ll wear my bag to conventions and to the mall, but might not wear it to more professional settings. Well, for the bookstore scenario, if the girl bolts for the door, it’s a sign that she’s not the one anyways. xD A girl who will go, “oh wow! I like those things too” is a keeper! Or just a girl who is accepting. 🙂


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