Changing Style & Musings

I’ve been posting a lot of cosplay pictures but I would also like to post more photos of me being myself.

Looking back at photos from just a few months ago (Sept 2017 – Jan 2018), I feel like I looked so young. I felt young too. I don’t really dress like this anymore. Bye bye, this style. (By the way, this is kind of a response or update to this post. I’m not sure why it’s one of my most popular posts hahaha.)

  • choker & Tokyo Ghoul anime necklace
  • beanie
  • hoodies & layers
  • pigtails & side pony tail
  • not shown: brown combat boots

I don’t know why my clothing style changes every few months. Maybe I get tired of the same style. I like to think that I’m always changing and evolving. c:

Now I like to wear wide black pants with Adidas Superstar sneakers. I don’t have photos yet because I just got into the style, hahaha. Even the jewelry I wear is different too. I don’t take as many outfit photos anymore but maybe there will be an update in the future…

Episodes 9 and 10 of My Hero Academia season 3 were amazing. I’ll watch every episode, but the episodes with villains are the ones I care about the most. If the episode’s focus is solely on the students, it’s not as enjoyable for me. In these recent episodes, I loved it how the professional superheroes came together to fight the villains. It was cool seeing the villains in one place. I am especially interested in the relationship between Tomura, my favourite character, and his master.



Listening to: BiSH – PAiNT it BLACK

4 thoughts on “Changing Style & Musings

  1. I love beanies. I really need to get more, lol. I’m currently exploring my own style and trying to see what i enjoy most instead of what I think other people would like to see me in, if that makes any sense. I wasn’t allowed to do any kind of style exploration as a kid/teenager because my parents were super strict about “what other people would think/say.” But now, it’s fair game, lol.

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    • That makes a lot of sense. I saw your tweet about you potentially getting more piercings and/or tattoos. That’s cool! It’s good that you can express yourself freely now appearance-wise.

      I see this sort of thing (fashion, piercings) as very important because I’m all about self-expression and being myself. I feel that I cannot truly be myself unless I’m allowed to do everything I want to do. That said, I never ask people for fashion advice or anything like that haha. I already know what I want and I just go for it. XD

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      • I’ve always been interested in body mods but never did them, again, because of my family. I got my septum pierced last year and it felt really wonderful. I’m very big in artistic expression—no matter the form—and I think body mods are a great means of expression.

        I think it’s phenomenal that you’re all about being yourself and not allowing outside factors to influence who you are and what you want. When I was younger I focused a lot on what was popular but it never felt comfortable for me as an individual. Now, I just embrace my likes and, like you, am not allowing other things to influence or affect those likes. If this makes sense lol.

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      • Yes I remember seeing photos of you with your septum! Talking about this reminds me of the quote: “Your body is a canvas.” I agree with it.

        Aw, thanks! For some reason I also like looking a little different from other people, whether it’s the clothes, jewelry, hair or something else. It makes me feel unique, haha. I love feeling different and unique. 😀 It’s great that you embrace your likes. That’s the way it should be. xx

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