Anime Cosplay Prop Ideas

Food & drink

You could use random foods and drinks as props, but the ones I’ve done so far are related to the character. L likes sweets, Seven likes honey butter chips, the apple appears throughout Death Note, Umaru likes Cola and Neon Genesis Evangelion promotes UCC Coffee in advertisements.

Manga is also a prop that I used for my Umaru cosplay.


This is a real rose from my graduation and I used it in my Osomatsu-san cosplay of Karmatsu.


I used my plush of Clara in my Princess Jellyfish cosplay. Other plush prop ideas:

  • Chopper plush for One Piece cosplay
  • Mii-kun plush for How To Keep A Mummy cosplay
  • Jiji plush for Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay
  • Sanrio plushies for Sanrio Boys cosplay
  • Pokeball plush for Pokemon trainer cosplay


I took these for my collaboration post with The Pantless Anime Blogger!

Happy cosplaying!


5 thoughts on “Anime Cosplay Prop Ideas

    • I feel like the chips were a hit or miss. I had a more difficult time getting used to them but some of my friends just love them. It’s good that you enjoy them!!!


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