Gumi Matryoshka Wig

I won a prize in WeekendOtaku‘s series of Your Lie in April posts. I got to choose my own prize and chose a wig for Gumi. The third photo is the true colour. Thanks WeekendOtaku!

You can read his blog posts on YLIA here. I definitely encourage you to read them because it’s clear that he gave each topic a lot of thought. A lot of anime bloggers can agree with me on this.



The wig is really good quality. I love it a lot.

I cosplayed as the vocaloid, Gumi. This look is from her song, Matryoshka. It is a collab song with Hatsune Miku. I’ll cosplay as Gumi again when someone can take photos for me. I also have her socks, shoes and skirt.

I’ll also be cosplaying as Gumi in a school uniform from another music video in the future!

16 thoughts on “Gumi Matryoshka Wig

  1. That’s cute!! That song was great (though not on the first hearing hehe)
    I tried learning it on the keyboard but gave up on the third stanza, it’s hard πŸ˜‚


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