I talk a lot in this post!

Here’s something you may not know about me: I can fall asleep in one minute. It’s true. When I have to study I like to take 15-minute naps because when my phone alarm wakes me up, 1) the alarm surprises the heck out of me and 2) it feels as if I slept for two hours. Hahaha.

Well, I don’t overthink so maybe that’s why I’m able to do this. I can fall asleep to music I like too, but not if there are loud sounds outside.

The phrases that annoy me are, “How old are you? You’re still watching cartoons?” or “How old are you? You still have plushies?” & yes – people have said these to me before.

I AM 21 AND YES, I’M STILL WATCHING ANIME AND YES, I STILL HAVE PLUSHIES. Do you understand now or do you still need help? ROFL. I am who I am. I like who I am.

Here’s another one I hear: “You take so many selfies.” Some of my followers ask for more selfies, lol.

It’s super annoying when people try to lecture you on how to live your life when they are not in the position to do so. I’m not talking about employers, professors, managers or supervisors, authorities of law, or people who hold some sort of power. I’m talking about strangers or peers who think they know you better than you know yourself.Β Of course it depends on the context but if it’s something ridiculous like my selfie taking or my anime watching habits, blab all you want but I am not going to listen to you!

Bottom line: If my MOM does not have any problems with my hobbies and interests, neither should you.

I have to clarify though, the VAST MAJORITY of all the people I’ve met have been incredibly supportive of me and everything I do. I am continuously amazed at peoples’ acceptance, kindness and support. Thank you for that. ❀


Dragon fruit


By the way, I really like the story of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. I think it’s thought-provoking and very interesting. You should check it out!


14 thoughts on “I talk a lot in this post!

  1. You rock! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The things you enjoy make you who you are. I’m shockingly going to be 30 this year… I will never ‘grow out’ of the silly, happy things I love, whether that’s sugar skulls or anime characters & Hello Kitty =]
    Great post!! x

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  2. If it’s any consolation, I’m 36 and I watch anime and have plushies πŸ˜› I believe that our interests in entertainment aren’t what determines our mature we are. How we act and treat other people is what determines our maturity πŸ™‚

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  3. What the fudge, they’re so rude saying that to you 😦 .
    It’s pretty normal for a woman or anyone in fact, to own plushies. They’re like little cute cuddly decorations, that make any room feel cosy and welcoming. Everyone I know, owns at least one plushie (even the really old people). πŸ˜€
    I wouldn’t pay mean-spirited people like that any heed. There’s obviously a lack of maturity in them, for trying to enforce such childish rules.

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  4. I find it odd how some people think at a certain age you have to suddenly stop liking certain things. That’s not how liking things works! I’m 26 and I still love my plushies, little collectible toys and I still watch a decent chunk of anime too. Keep doing you! πŸ˜€ Like you say though, the majority of people are quite supportive with whichever interests or hobbies you’re into πŸ˜€

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