10 Live-Action Manga Adaptations I Enjoyed

Many anime fans don’t like live-actions of anime. Period.

I also (mostly) agree. But… live-actions dramas are better than films. With episodes, it allows the show to have more depth. One major problem in all live-action films is that they cut a lot of important scenes and most of the time, they cut out important characters.

These aren’t in any particular order. I won’t be talking about the plots of these shows, just what I liked about them. I don’t watch as many dramas as I used to, so the newer live-actions will probably not be on here. Nonetheless, I still find value in making this list because good shows are good shows, no matter how old they are. 😉 If you’re interested in knowing which dramas I’ve watched, you can view My Drama List (still incomplete) here.

1. Bloody Monday (2008)

I enjoyed this Japanese live-action because Haruma Miura and Hiroki Narimiya played their characters really well. The instrumental soundtrack is beautiful. Listen to this and you’ll know what I mean. Also, both seasons played music by Flumpool, which is my favourite Japanese band.


2. Boku dake ga Inai Machi (2017)

This is better known as Erased. It is a Japanese drama. I didn’t think I would be interested in time travel but I was proven wrong. I often take breaks from dramas and anime (My Drama List reflects this by the number of dramas I am “currently watching”) but I binged this show. Special thanks to Fed for watching it after my recommendation!


3. GTO (1998)

This Japanese drama stands for Great Teacher Onizuka. I watched this before I started university and I feel like it changed my life. That’s a really bold statement but I began to see life a little bit differently in “unconventional” ways.


4. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007)

This Japanese drama is also known as Hana Kimi. There are so many actors!!


5. Hotaru no Hikari (2007)

This is a Japanese drama based on the josei manga with the same title.


6. Kurosagi (2006)

I’ve watched every episode in this Japanese drama at least 10 times, and the reason is because I used to really, really like Kurosaki, the main character.


7. Liar Game (2014)

This is the Korean live-action adaptation. It is different from the manga because they made the Liar Game into a TV game show. I love how they changed it to better suit the current generation.


8. Liar Game (2007)

This is a Japanese drama. I do prefer this over the Korean live-action of Liar Game.


9. Smiling Pasta (2006)

This Taiwanese drama is based on a manhwa. I haven’t read the manhwa because it’s really hard to find English scanlations of it (or even the work in its original language). However, this drama was able to make me cry and laugh in the same episode.


10. Switch Girl!! (2011)

This is a Japanese drama. Mariya Nishiuchi was perfect for the main role because she was a model of Seventeen at the time, and so were other actresses (her character does modelling in the drama too). I am her fan. ❤



12 thoughts on “10 Live-Action Manga Adaptations I Enjoyed

  1. I really enjoyed the Erased live action. One of the few where I genuinely liked it as its own thing and think I would have even if I had never heard of the anime. Usually I find live action either okay or poor, but I usually enjoy it if I’ve watched the anime and have an attachment to the characters or story. But Erased was just nicely done leaving me with only one or two minor complaints.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I remember watching bloody monday and that’s where I became a fan of Haruma Miura. I actually forgot about Liar Game but now that you mentioned it I might take the time to actually watch it for sure, both japanese and korean version 😊 and Kurosagi too…
    Hana Kimi was an enjoyable watch and really funny!

    Thanks for sharing your list!

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    • Haruma Miura is so handsome!! My favourite is still J in the show though… He was AMAZING. Yes yes yes!!! I recommend Liar Game and Kurosagi for sure. 😀 Let me know your thoughts~!!

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    • Agreed. Actually I was talking about this with a classmate in anime class earlier – shojo live action movies are usually good but anything with a lot of action is not made well… And AHHHH I’m glad you watched and loved Ikiru!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anime CLASS!! Sounds like fun . You’re so right Shojo would make great adaptations , but I can’t think of any off the top of my head
        All I know is it Naoki urasawas work , like Pluto, 20th century , and Monster would make great TV same with darker than black and black lagoon

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      • I did like the film adaptation for My Love Story!!/Ore Monogatari. It was very frustrating to watch because there were so many misunderstandings that the characters had but watching it was a good way to pass the time. The quality was good though!

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