Similarities Between Inuyashiki and Ikiru

Inuyashiki is about a father who develops stomach cancer and has three months left to live. Spoilers: He becomes a robot, which sets off the story in the manga. Before he became a robot, he is on a swing and sings a song. This is after he finds out he has cancer. His family do not have respect for him, so he is unable to tell them the news.


Ikiru (To Live) is a black and white Japanese film from 1952 by Akira Kurosawa. It’s about a father who also has stomach cancer. He has less than a year to live, and is unable to tell his son because his son cares more about his money than him. In the rest of the film, the main character tries to find meaning in his life, similar to Inuyashiki. At 1:39, the main character’s facial expression looks like Inuyashiki whenever he is trembling. Later on at 2:53, he is sitting on a swing and sings a song. Both characters in Inuyashiki and Ikiru are singing the same song! Do you think Oku watched Ikiru and was inspired by this scene?

The biggest difference is that Ikiru is more realistic and there are no robotic elements to it. After all, this is a movie from the 1950s and it has real actors. However, their journey towards finding meaning in life is similar. What do you think? Has anyone else seen Ikiru before?

5 thoughts on “Similarities Between Inuyashiki and Ikiru

      • It’s awfully late here it’s 10.09 pm I should probably be going to bed . However I’ll definitely watch it tomorrow when I get home!

        πŸ€” I think the manga in the movie are just coincidences.

        Thanks for sharing Rose.
        Tomorrow if you have the time you should check out mushishi. I recommend watching it after a day of work it’s really relaxing.

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      • Akira Kurosawa is one of Japan’s most famous directors so that’s why I think it may not be a coincidence. & Ikiru is one of my most well-known films. That’s just my thought!

        Ohh I’ve seen Mushishi on Netflix but I’ve never watched it. Sure I’ll check it out but probably in a few weeks when I’m less busy!


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