Sketch: Scum’s Wish


I drew Hanabi from Scum’s Wish. It’s for more mature audiences, and I felt a little low-spirited reading it. It’s a good series though because it felt realistic. I read it when the anime came out.

I’m pretty sure how happy my drawings are = my mood. I’ve cried twice today because of the news about Jonghyun.

On another note, I went to the store to buy strawberry flavoured water today but there was no more left! The rest of the flavours were there but I guess there is competition now.

7 thoughts on “Sketch: Scum’s Wish

  1. Jonghyun was the worst news I had all month. Terribly sad business that one.

    The sketch is great, but I haven’t read that one yet, because the site I read at displayed underage warning….

    Good luck next time with Strawberry water!

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    • AHH THANKS AURI!!! Yes… I agree…

      Lol that underage warning. XD I mean there is no nudity but yeah the topics are more mature. Maybe you can read it when you are older LOL. It is depressing though. Thanks, I will try hard to get my water!!

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