Fall is pretty cool because of 1) my birthday, 2) Mid-Autumn Festival and of course, 3) Halloween!

I got some cool stationary on my birthday. I love it because I am a very practical person. I want to be able to use all my gifts. I got other gifts, but they aren’t shown here.


Happy belated Mid-Autumn Festival! The moon was so big and bright yesterday. A friend gave me this mung bean snow skin mooncake.


5 thoughts on “Fall

    • Thank you so much!!! I am thinking about cosplaying to school (maybe no wig). My family and I got bought candies and chocolates today so we’ll be giving them out to kids on Halloween! What about you??

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      • Ahh that sounds fun!! Which character would you go as? I wish I could have trick or treaters this year… ^^”
        For my actual plans I’m not sure yet – my halls of residence are having a weekend party but it’s the day before comic con so I’m not sure if I should go, I need my energy! πŸ˜› If we do go out though I’ll be going as Cruella de Ville!

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      • I’m thinking of Yuki from Vampire Knight, since the jacket is really nice and detailed. Ooo yes, gotta preserve your energy at Comic Con. Have fun!!! Haha Cruella de Ville is a fun cosplay. πŸ˜€

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