DIY: Clovers & Flowers

1. Four leaf clovers


Step 1: Find four leaf clovers.

Step 2: Put transparent tape on both sides of the clovers to preserve them. Cut off the edges of the tape to keep it clean.

Step 3: Clip them. I’m using my Rilakkuma clips.

Step 4: Tie them to a string and hang them up. I’m hanging them above my computer, but you can hang them anywhere you like.


2. Fake flowers


Simply wrap fake flowers around your bed frame. There are lots of other things in the home you can do this with.


I hope you liked these easy DIY home ideas! See you next time!

19 thoughts on “DIY: Clovers & Flowers

  1. Some people are so fortunate when it comes to finding four-leaf clovers! The only ones I have are ones I found in the back of a book I bought second-hand. Even though I keep my eyes open, they don’t seem to show up. I guess I could do the same thing with regular clovers instead.

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  2. Aww so cute… you even clip them with rilakkuma clippers. Do you know my website name before is I was fascinated with four leaf clovers. I only found 3 leaf . I wonder when I find four. You are lucky to find them. πŸ˜€

    I miss our talks Rose. I’ve been busy lately with work. Keep in Touch. πŸ˜€

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