Cosplay plans + Question

School life:


ft. my friend’s school bag

Cos plans

– Cardcaptor Sakura for Anime Evolution

– Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight

– Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight

– Koshi from Haikyuu!!

– Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul (closet cos)

I’ll be taking a break from cosplaying after I do these. The reason is because I want to save money. I will take more photos with older cosplays so it’s not like I’m stopping completely.



Why do people read my blog?

This is something a couple of people have asked me. I have some thoughts, but I think it would be better if you guys could answer!


16 thoughts on “Cosplay plans + Question

  1. I read your blog for a number of reasons. For one you are a very kind person (at least as far as I can tell while reading your posts), and your blog has so much cool content, that you never know what comes up next. At one point it’s cosplay, than we have drawings, talk about food etc. etc. Your blog is honest and you just publish what you like which is seriously awesome! 😊

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  2. Nice cosplay plans. I am looking forward to the Kaneki cosplay. Why do I like your blog? I like seeing your pictures of cosplay, food and other anime topics. Not to mention, you are true to yourself and you are not afraid to speak your mind. Also, you are very friendly and I think you are a great friend 🙂

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    • I think that I am friendly too and easy to approach online. I’m not sure if I am easy to approach in person but I am really nice (in my opinion). True, I definitely like to get my messages across because I don’t like to be controlled by others.


  3. I like reading because you’re one of the few people I follow who are into anime and stuff 🙂 In my life, hardly anyone is. But to me, it’s as normal as watching any other TV show or film 🙂

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  4. I first thought your blog was worth the follow because the style of your posts were short and cute and the simplistic nature just made it a nice read. Doesn’t get boring because you have a variety as well.
    Further on I got to know you more and liking you as a friend, I enjoy seeing your thoughts on things and stuff you get up to.

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