Summer Fest 2017

My friend Gloria cosplayed as Yuuki from Sword Art Online and I cosplayed as Kido from Kagerou Project. I wore a skirt because it’s hot out.





26 thoughts on “Summer Fest 2017

  1. Nice cosplay! Kagerou project and its music were great. Just wondering, cuz I have no knowledge/experience of cosplaying, how long does the preparation usually take? And what’s the hardest thing about cosplaying in your opinion?

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    • Thanks! Hm well I mostly buy my cosplays so I don’t make them. Sometimes I find some stuff laying around in my closet that I can use too. Once you have the clothes and everything, it doesn’t take that long. Probably the hardest would have to do with the wig because sometimes long wigs get tangled. & other times the wig moves a little if you move too much. Or the wig cap doesn’t cover all of your real hair. -.- I think as long as the wig is secured and stuff, the next hardest thing would be getting good pictures hahaha. Pictures aren’t too bad. πŸ™‚

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