Pencil eyeliner for monolids + Nail stickers

I’m just using an eyeliner pencil and nothing else on my eyes. For under my eyes, I only draw a line at the outer corner. I don’t fill in the line completely under the eye because I have monolids, and that would make my eye look smaller. I think makeup is about experimentation so I don’t think there is just one way of applying makeup. Remember to always remove makeup with makeup remover.


Nail stickers are literally sticker for nails. First, you paint your nails like normal (I used a clear polish). After that layer dries, you stick on the nail sticker and then paint a clear top coat over it.



11 thoughts on “Pencil eyeliner for monolids + Nail stickers

  1. Lots of people ask that question is it hard for asian with the oval shape eyelids to put on liners or lashes or shadow makeup..i have some say its not hard some say it is depending on shape of anyone’s lids you just have to know how to..good job though cool..

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  2. Yay! You are my 200th follower in the 2 months since I started my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the fascinating and informative articles I post every day! 🙂 None on makeup I’m afraid. Sorry.
    Thanks for being there for me Rose. Hope you’re having an awesome day!
    Kindness – Robert.

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