Misa Amane Fan Art


Drawing this was a pain because I redid everything so many times. ;__; Misa Amane is a character from the anime, Death Note.


12 thoughts on “Misa Amane Fan Art

    • Same here. I love Misa’s fashion style (the gothic lolita look is super cute) and I like that she was so in love with Light. She was annoying though, and there were times where I just did not like her at all.

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      • Haha she was not that smart either. I think I would have liked her better if she was smarter… because Light just used her. 😦

        I love Death Note a lot so I’ve cosplayed as Misa as well (going to get a wig for her in the future to re-do it). I just like Death Note in general so I’ll draw or cosplay any character to show my appreciation for the show. 🙂

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      • Yeah I think that was just her part to play in the plot 😅
        Wow that’s amazing! It must be fun to cosplay as her. Death Note is probably one of my favourite anime, but the ending killed me😫😂


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