Misc. cos photos

I didn’t upload these photos earlier so here they are. They’re from my recent School Rumble cosplay and my first cosplay, Haruhi Suzumiya. I redid Haruhi recently because I got a short brown wig. You can see the newer version here.



Ok, it just occurred to me that I cosplay LOL and now I think it’s super embarrassing. Why do I even do this… I’ll finish the ones I have planned then stop, or take a break. I haven’t decided what to do yet but we’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Misc. cos photos

  1. Just to let you know: It really isn’t embarassing at all. You look great! 😀 Cosplay is seriously cool, and really is growing all over the world. So truly no need to feel embarassment, just keep doing what you enjoy to do. And these costumes really look amazing, and you really look like you jumped straight out of the anime 😀

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