LoveCom cos

I re-did Risa Koizumi from Lovely Complex because I got a skirt for her.



27 thoughts on “LoveCom cos

    • Thanks Remy! Yeah there were like around 15 buses that were all out of service on a hill or something. Everyone had to get off and most ppl called for family to pick them up. Others (like me) started walking to the skytrain station which was around an hour away… No one could pick me up but luckily after over 20 mins walking, a miracle bus came. My life was saved… I was so happy. Omg.

      My friend lives closer to campus. Plus she said she’ll make me another smoothie hehe. She made me a smoothie the last time I slept over at her place too. xD

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      • Jeez that sounds awful. Why did they go out of service?

        Yay I’m glad it worked out in the end!! Miracles happen sometimes!

        Yum that sounds great. Your friend knows how to make a good offer (and smoothie, I’m sure).

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      • The snow… Buses kept on getting stuck in the snow. That’s Canada for you haha. It hasn’t snowed this much since 2008 though. There was BARELY any snow last year or the year before. I remember I wore like thin jackets this time of the year before lol.

        Yeah, I’m excited for the sleepover! Plus we are going to a Psych social event tonight at the uni too. xD

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    • That’s just their school uniform. In Japan, people wear uniforms unlike Canada and America. Only people who go to private schools in Canada and America wear uniforms. In that case, it will be skirt and knee high socks as well.


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