Cosplay Story

When I was a kid I watched a lot of anime, but… I would have never thought that cosplaying would be one of my hobbies as an adult. Well, HERE I AM LOL.

I’ve never had an actual costume for Halloween in elementary school or high school. Maybe this has something to do with it… or not. Although I’m 20 years old, just about everyone says I look young like 15 or 16. The lady at the grocery store said it’s because I’m “too cute.”


So I decided to put my eternal youth into use and got into cosplaying!


37 thoughts on “Cosplay Story

    • It’s the lighting!!! The first photo is the actual colour but the sunlight makes it look lighter than it actually is. Yeah the grocery store lady. The hairdresser thought I was 15 and my dentist said I look 16.

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  1. People said I always look older than what I am, so it goes both ways. But good job on the cosplay! I need to drop this weight before I can even try cosplaying anything.

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