My Week in Pictures

More like two weeks. I have lots more photos but I’m just going to post these ones.

January 11

I watched One Piece Film: Gold. It was awesome! It was really funny and Robin made hand puns. Brook made alive jokes again and Zoro was as strong as ever! Also Lucci and Spandam made their appearance which made me so happy. The message of the film (from my interpretation) is that gold/money can’t buy you everything. Friendship is more important!


January 14


Excited to eat ramen!


Time for bingsu!!!


January 17


California roll and miso soup. Yay

January 19


Bubble tea after class! I got roasted milk tea

26 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

      • oh wow. Why haven’t I tried this yet? I’m literally going to search right now for a place where I can get this. Also, your week looked delicious haha. The pics in my phone are 50% food related

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      • Yeah, it’s a popular Korean dessert! I hope you can eat it really soon and enjoy! Thanks Kimmie. ^^ Haha, yeah food is just too good and very pleasing to look at haha.

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