I know I write little compared to other bloggers, but I never know what to write about. Like my life is not that interesting?? I did things on Christmas, like order a London fog latte from a coffee shop. I chatted with a friend. It was nice.


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  1. Hey….life is sometimes all about the simple things you know? 😊 Never say your life is not interesting. As long as you are having fun, and it looks like you had a good time, than there is nothing wrong with that at all. Have a great day 😀

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    • Thanks!! I agree that the simple things are important too. Seeing my friends spend a lot of time with their other friends this break, while I just stay at home, made me feel a little disheartened. I’ve been spending some of my time with people I do not see often instead, but that is a good thing too. It’s refreshing to spend time with new people. 🙂

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  2. I actually like the fact that you don’t often write much in your posts. That makes your posts easier to read, which I appreciate when I’m in a hurry; that’s part of the reason I come to your blog so often. Another reason I come here is because you often write about simple things like lattes. That gives your blog a calming quality that I appreciate on stressful days!

    But now that I’ve said that, don’t feel pressured to keep on the same path. If you’re feeling dissatisfied and want to experiment with different sorts of posts, then go right ahead! I’ll support you regardless.

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    • Thank you! I’ve never thought about things that way. You see the positive side of what I viewed as negative. Yes, I will think about what kind of posts I want to do, and maybe I will try writing a long post. I feel comfortable writing short posts, so maybe I will continue doing that. We will see. 🙂

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  3. That looks good to have on a cold day, yummy!
    It’s alright to have small or do something simple. Take each day a breather as the world gets busy and crazy. It’s your blog and if you want to just write a few sentences, go ahead. We will read them regardless to size. 🙂

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  4. Hi!! I love how honest you are 🙂 But even though you don’t write much your posts are still quite interesting to read. TYSM for the follow. I’m new here so I’m kinda having problem writing long entertaining posts myself :/ Hoping to see many more fun posts from you and learn from them 😀 😀

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    • Awweh, thanks so much! Just keep on being yourself and people will come to love that about you. 😀 I hope to see more fun posts from you too! Happy blogging and good luck on expanding it! ^^

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