I wasn’t going to post these, but I’m waiting for my tablet pen to finish charging. I figured I might as well kill some time by blogging. These are a couple of my latest drawings I did with my tablet from a few months ago.


G-Dragon from Big Bang


Laboon from One Piece

I also posted an older drawing of mine of Honey-senpai from Ouran High School Host Club. You can see it here.

18 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Laboon! It’s been a while since I saw it XD

    One Piece is a really long series, so I tend to wait a year or two before doing a marathon of it (the last time I watched it, Dressrosa arc has just begun). Anyways, I like your drawing style, it’s clean and neat! 🙂

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    • I see, I’m glad you’re going to watch it despite it being so long. It’s definitely worth it in my opinion!!! One Piece is my favourite anime of all time!

      Thank you! 😀 I hope to see your drawings one day~


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