Representatives from companies often contact me and ask me to promote their companies on my blog. I will continue to turn them down. Why? It does not benefit me in any way.

I do not get paid. Why should I spend time out of my day to advertise for a company for free? I don’t mean to sound rude, but I would like it if companies would stop contacting me if they expect me to promote them for free.Β 

Let’s say the company will, in turn, promote my blog. I don’t care about hits orΒ being popular. Blogging is not my career. This is a diary lol.

15 thoughts on “rant

  1. Nice that you’re sticking to your blog’s niche!

    And I can totally relate. I did a post for Third Love once, and when I sent them the link, they just told me to make changes for them. Might as well let them write the post. Come to think about it, I might just take the post down because it’s been bothering me lol. Recently, I was contacted by a storage company. A literal storage company that moves your furniture into warehouses for storage. They said they wanted to hear how “beauty bloggers make use of their storage.” Ridiculous. I don’t even consider myself a beauty blogger. I just kind of post whatever I want, though most of them are reviews lol. I do accept from skincare, hair, makeup, or circle lens companies though, because my blog already covers that and they send me things to review and promote for them, so it makes sense.

    What ridiculous requests have you gotten?

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    • LOL man yeah I don’t get why they want changes to a post. If you change a post to what they want, it’s no longer authentic anymore. It’s basically only writing about what they want to hear in a way that will benefit them. Honesty should be number one in my opinion. I think that you should take it down, especially if you were not paid for it. Yeah, for me I was considered a beauty and fashion blogger (mainly fashion). Ahaha that is so funny! Furniture companies don’t really have anything to do with beauty lol. Yeah, I totally agree – if they send you free products, it definitely makes sense for you to review them. Giving you their product benefits you since you get to keep that product. However, I’ve gotten these emails about promoting resorts, workspaces, and more like hair and makeup. It does make sense for me to write them, but I just don’t see why I should waste my time writing them. πŸ™‚


  2. Good for you! I’m glad you aren’t letting yourself be taken advantage of by these companies! The representatives who contact you aren’t necessarily bad; they’re just looking for ways to promote their business. But the fact that they expect you to advertise for them for free is pretty rude. Besides, like you pointed out, this is your diary! It’s not a freakin’ infomercial!

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