i made my blog private for the first time. O:

i’ve had a bad week but life is getting better. I’m still recovering but at least now I can make my blog public again.

I decided to clean my room because my manga books and A LOT of clothes were laying around on the floor… I found some gifts on the floor but never noticed them before. These days I’ve been getting gifts from different people.

There are people who want me to happy. I will try hard to be happy for them, and everyone else. I’m sorry for being sad so much.

My window is really big so it gives a lot of light. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve kept the blinds closed. Today my brother opened the blinds. >< I saw the trees, clouds, and beautiful sky. ❤

I haven’t been eating much, but I’ve been wanting to sleep a lot lately. Listening to Kwang-Ho Hong’s “So beautiful” and “Good bye” helps me sleep. I always say that Bii is my favourite singer, but a couple of people know that I’ve always listened to Kwang-Ho Hong more. I don’t understand Korean but I know that the songs he sings are very meaningful and emotional. I feel it in my heart.


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