I think that after March 17, good things stopped happening to me

On a brighter note, this hoodie is so soft and comfy. I want to wear it to school!!!

Once I was wearing bunny and panda stuff and this is what happened. Someone behind in me in class told the person next to them that there are many people trying really hard to get accepted into university, and then there are people like me who were accepted, but look so childish. What does that have anything to do with university admittance?

I suppose they didn’t do anything wrong because I am different, but I can be very mature when I need to be.


Trying to hide my face ><

For starters, I am proud of my blog. I have very sweet followers!! Thank you!

I sincerely think that the cutest person in the world is my brother. I love him. I don’t know where I would be today without my friends.

My parents love me unconditionally and my mother has promised to order two new games for me next month. I can’t wait. The children at work are very nice to me. I’m learning so much about Psychology and I think studying is kind of fun… 🙂

Now that I think about it, why don’t I use what I have learned from Health Psychology and all my other Psych courses and apply it to my life? If I think about things from a more positive perspective, a lot of good things have happened to me. I get to see cherry blossoms and soon I will be able to eat strawberries. I got to pet sheep and take photos of them too!

I think my plan is to study really hard in school! Studying should be fun because I am the one who chose my major. I will be working hard, so I hope that everyone reading this will be fighting for their goals and dreams too!!

6 thoughts on “I think that after March 17, good things stopped happening to me

  1. Wow, how rude. You don’t look childish just because you are wearing a cute hoodie, you look cute. Just because they think only children can be cute…that’s their problem. Your state of dress certainly has no bearing on whether or not you deserve to get into uni in any case! I can’t believe they thought that was an appropriate comment. Do they think their clothing makes them smarter or harder workers or something? How utterly silly of them. You keep wearing your cute stuff with pride!

    Good luck with your studies! 🙂

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  2. Just ignore them. I have personal experience with those who judge that way I look when I wear a wig, doll dress, totoro hoodie, etc. Without knowing I’m actually a top student. I try to focus on only positive comments from other people. Being different is nothing to be ashamed of. People need to understand by the way you dress they can’t assume the way you are as a person. Hopefully this makes you feel better 😀

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