Diary #6

I’m so stupid!!

I am stupid because I forgive everyone. If I call someone my friend, then I love them already. I don’t think one or two of them like me very much and I feel very hurt. I don’t have romantic feelings for my friends. If they do not see me as a friend, they should tell me..

I try to be nice to everybody because every time someone is nice to me, it makes me feel very happy. I think someone like Bii is my ideal type. Everyday he writes to his fans wishing them good night and telling them to dress warm so they don’t catch cold. He tells us to drink soup when we are sick and tells us to sleep early so we have energy for the next day. That’s why no matter what, I will always forgive people, and I will always love my friends. I will always be stupid, but that’s okay!! ^_^*


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