Japanese School Uniforms

It is now Spring Break and that means I can make longer posts. Oh, how I love to blog! Before I listened to rock and began my music obsession, I spent my days doing something besides listening to music. I watched anime non-stop! After a good few years of being an otaku, I became Japanese/ Korean/ Taiwanese drama crazy but let’s not get into that. I adored fashion in the Asian countries and watching these shows made me buy a lot of clothes made from Asia. One thing that intrigued me a lot were Japanese school uniforms. Even though I go to a public high school in Canada, I had to get my own school uniform. I really wanted one! That is why I got one:


The reason why many Japanese school uniforms look like cute outfits for sailors was to modernize Japan. They introduced Western clothing and that’s why they don’t dress like ninjas or anything like that. My uniform’s just for fun; it’s not so fun for actual Japanese school girls. Schools are pretty strict about the skirt length of the uniform and would even go as far as to measure it with a ruler! The usual length is about two inches below the knee. In anime and manga books, you may see girls with short, short, short skirts but that’s not true in reality! I guess the short attire is for entertainment purposes? Eh, that’s weird! Most uniforms have bows and I could have added a bow. Didn’t really think about that… As for leg warmers, I have plenty at home. I bought them when I was thirteen and bought actual, real leg warmers. The things Japanese school girls wear on their legs aren’t actually leg warmers – they’re just loose socks. Once the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, Japanese uniforms sure look super cute and girls can loosen their socks (guys can loosen their ties) and look fashionable! Since I was drawn to school uniforms three years ago, I remember doing a lot of research about them. I researched mainly about female uniforms and I’m surprised that I remembered this much about them. Anyways, I took the time to camera whore… Don’t mind me! This is me:



By the way, I’m Chinese. Fashion is my hobby and here is some more information about Japanese school uniforms. Elementary school students wear bright coloured caps. This may or may not be fashionable depending on your own judgement but this is actually to prevent accidents. These bright colours warn cars so it’s for safety purposes! I find this very interesting and pretty smart. One more thing… school uniforms are convenient. That part is pretty universal because you don’t have to take time out of your morning to choose your outfit and it saves you a lot of money. However, being the fashion lover I am, I am glad to be able to wear different clothes everyday to school. It’s self expression for me and I feel different every day!


5 thoughts on “Japanese School Uniforms

  1. I come from England and we have to waer school uniform. Each school has it’s own but there is a general style. At my school, the skirts have to be a certain length but no one really cares. I absolutley hate my school uniform with shirts, ties, blazer and a jumper that itches but I get why we have them. I would rather have a japanese one. Anyway, it’s intresting you like uniforms so much, I’ve never really thought about it. Good blog btw. 🙂


    • Yeah I love how they look but I get how they can be annoying. I don’t think I would want to wear an uniform to school because I like to really accessories my arms with bracelets and wear bunch of stuff to school. Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it and thanks.


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